got dissertation?

Fewer than 65% of people who start doctoral programs are able to finish them. Many of those who do, take 10 or more years to complete the degree requirements. If you have a procrastinated Ph.D. or Ed.D. you are certainly not alone.

We have identified numerous significant (but little-known) roadblocks that occur in the doctoral process, all of which can be successfully overcome through the facilitation process. And, by the way, procrastination is highly overrated and not really the main source of the problem.

Our success stories include all types of degrees from a wide variety of schools (including Ivys). Especially if you are A.B.D. (All But Dissertation), even if you have abandoned your thesis writing for a number of years, do consider trying our program.

Facilitation is a very small investment in comparison with the tuition, time, and job opportunities you will have lost without your diploma in hand. We can jump-start your progress and work with you through to the end.

Only 3% of the U.S. population holds a doctorate or equivalent level professional degree. You can be one of these.